March 22, 2007

I’m posting again because I wanted to remind people today to participate in Bum Rush the Charts. This is a social experiment to show that podcasts, blogs and other viral digital distribution mediums are capable of influencing the outcome of media. The band that has been selected is Black Lab and the song, “Mine Again”. If you can, please show the media companies that this is an extremely valuable medium for communications and marketing by buying the song on iTunes today!

Last week on On Digital Media (ODM), we invited John Havens, the expert on Podcasting to speak on our show. He subsequently share with his audience my marketing approach on offering a “bite, snack or a meal” size content onto the wireless as well as generally the digital world. He worried that he might of gotten my marketing approach and wording wrong. I just want to state that it’s definitely correct! I will be speaking more on this marketing idea around digital content hopefully at PodCamp NYC.


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