Am I a Phone Ho?

June 24, 2011


Frequent readers of this blog or listeners of my podcast “On Digital Media” (ODM) know that my co-hosts and I share a love of tech gadgets. Due to my day job, I have a high exposure to the latest and greatest of the cool new gadgets. It’s a wonderful thing, though hard on the wallet. Thus, I have been trying hard to ease down on the gadget shopping. I really, really have a weakness for Frys Electronics, but I have to leave the purse in the car.

I had been doing a good job. I have not bought any Android tablets. I have an iPad 2, an Apple TV, but that’s it, really…

However, as I have been able with withstand the need to purchase cool gadgets (kinda), I have a weakness for smartphones. Those cool “all in one” gadgets are my complete weakness. I want to have one device for as many things as possible. Camera, phone, music, video, etc. I like small purses and I want to carry only one device and not have to strap a case to my body. Call me vain, but a phone case attached to my dress is never fashionable. Nothing in the market has completely satisfied my needs but I’m in a constant quest for that perfect phone that serves all those needs.

Two questions came up for me this past week. (1) Am I a Phone-aholic? (2) Will the iPhones end my grail like search for the perfect “all in one” device? The answer was (1) yes (2) maybe.

Yes, I am a Phone-aholic. As verified by my friends and family. While I resisted the pull to purchase a Roku and Boxee (or a similar product, which many of my friends would argue is a standard technology), an iPod, etc. I have purchased a Droid 2 and have to fight the urge to run to the Verizon store and snatch up an iPhone. I had thought that I had ended my grail like search for the perfect “all in one” device when I got the Droid 2. But recently found that there were quite a few fun apps that I really wanted, but they are only available for the iPhone…

If you see me, try to be kind. I know I’m a Phone-aholic. So stop flashing your cute iPhones at me….


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