Creative and Productive Meetings

February 10, 2014

I know, you’re thinking looking at the title of the post that creative and productive meetings are not possible. I would not blame you for thinking otherwise. Like many of you, I have attended many meetings (dial-in, video and in person) that does not achieve the goals it set out for.  This is especially true for “strategy” meetings. The truly amazing strategy and innovation sessions (and believe me, I have attended and ran them) seem to have energy and amazing results. How do you get that result everytime? Moments of Impact

Writers and Strategy Consultants Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon have spent the last 15 years helping leaders across multiple industries by designing and leading strategic conversations on crucial topics for their businesses.  Their book, Moments of Impact is available for sale starting this month. They have developed toolkits and knowledge around this rather important topic and now folks can benefit from their 15 year expertise. They’ve offered up a teaser toolkit for folks to check out at their website at:



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