DYI for the Geek Fashionista – 3D Printed Shoes

August 23, 2013


Designer - Janne Kyttanen

Designer – Janne Kyttanen

Regular listeners of On Digital Media (ODM) know of my obsessions: (1) Mobile Devices (2) Devices in general (3) Fry’s Electronics (4) Shoes. I had to think hard for my birthday when I have to choose between getting the newest gadget or getting fancy, beautiful shoes that cost as much as an gadget.

Well now it looks like my love for devices and shoes have collided and I can say honestly that it’s like I’ve landed in my own personal geek heaven. “Wait, you mean I get to buy a really, really cool bleeding edge device *and* I get shoes too? Thank you god!”

Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen debuted a collection of wedge heels that used only a 3D printer. He also put the blueprints for them online on his Cubify profile for free. If you don’t have a 3D printer, then you can have Cubify make them for you.

But the whole point here of course is to own *both* the 3D printer and make your own awesome shoes. So on my holiday list this year, a 3D printer and I get the shoes as part of the deal!

PS: (1) I’m really not into these wedges, but I like the iPhone holster idea when I don’t have pockets (2) Love Janne’s webpage. It’s worth visiting!


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