Gadget Girl pick of the week

April 30, 2008

Many of you know I have an unhealthy email/message addiction. I like to be connected at all times to the Internet.

I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. But I like being connected to friends and family wherever I am. When I was in Paris (on a romantic week long vacation with my husband), I actually had a bit of withdrawal because I didn’t have a cell phone or Internet access. Sad, but true.

So imagine my delight, when I saw the Spot Messenger. A satellite gizmo that’s really created for sports and adventure aficionados. The Spot Messenger it utilizes a satellite with GPS to track your location and allows you to send SMS or email messages and your location (displayed on Google maps) to a select group of friends and family.

The most obvious application of this product is of course, is its 911 features, which allows for tracking in case of emergencies when you are out of reach of conventional cell phone coverage. The company provides video testimonials of dramatic rescues (such as the Bertsch family) where the Spot Messenger saved the day.

Alternative usage of this device of course would also include traveling to a location with spotty cell phone coverage or little to no phone coverage. It’s a nice device to have just to stay connected with your family and let them know where you are.

A $99USD/year package buys you unlimited 911, ask for help, and check-in services. For an additional $7.95 USD/yr at the time of activation, you can get an additional $100,000 of additional search and rescue resources – including helicopter extraction around the world! – underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

The Gadget Girl in me really, really wants this device! Spot Messenger folks, send me a unit, an one-year subscription and the additional search and rescue package! Just in case I need an helicopter extraction in the near future….

OK, Sydney Bristow (um, I mean Chia-Lin Simmons…), signing out.


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