IoT: Mind your Peas and Q-urly fries…

August 20, 2013

You know me, I’m all about the connected consumer and I *love* Internet of Things (IoT for short). So When I heard that Quirky and GE was collaborating on product development to bring more connected devices into the home in April, I though “Bring it on GE!”


Track your Eggs via the Internet!

Track your Eggs via the Internet!

The work that Quirky and GE are doing together isn’t so much kickstarter as a collaboration on products. GE would open its hardware patents up and Quirky would sponsor design compeititons from the Quirky community folks to come up with some great IoT products. For example, it could be a devices like the Egg Minder, which will track number of eggs you have left in your tray using a mobile app. This does make shopping easy!

I’m tracking this partnership closely and will report things that I think are really cool. So keep reading the blog as I will be tracking Quirky closely!


Meanwhile, I’ thinking about submitting a little something related to pre-heating ovens before I get home with my half-bake pizza…


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