Marketing v. Advertising v. PR v. Branding

April 04, 2008

Just call me a marketing geek, but this posting on John Moore’s blog, Brand Autopsy, amused me to no end today. He cites Marty Neumeier’s book, Zag. On page 24 and 25 of this book, Neumeier gives us an illustrated difference between these marketing disciplines.

Given that I’ve done all 4 of these things professionally, I couldn’t help but agreed with Neumeier and loved his illustration.

For those of you interested in my presentation at Spring Von 2008 (March), I will put that up shortly so you can access the data. It’s by necessity, rather short. How does one cover Copyright 101 and digital media business models in 10 minutes? You don’t. You run through it like a sprinter, create a deck that helps with that and make yourself available to folks for questions. :)


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