PlayStation to (Finally) get Movies, TV shows, etc? Not likely soon….

April 21, 2008

I love video games. I love gaming. I love the PlayStation. I’m not ashamed as a woman to say that last Christmas, I had to think long and hard about whether I wanted a necklace or a PlayStation 3 as a gift. Those of you who listen to my podcast knows that I’m called OneGadgetGirl for my love of consolidated technology. My dream is to have a really reliable all-in-one portable device and other technology.

Imagine my excitement when I headed over to the PlayStation Blog and saw a posting by Sr. VP of Marketing and PlayStation Network, Peter Dille, that PlayStation may finally offer a long hoped for digital download solution for entertainment. Having had some professional history in this area in working with Sony, this came as a happy suprise.

Upon further reading, I realized that I had to read between the lines here. There was nothing of substance here that would address the issue that has always held up digital download services at Sony: DRM, “usage” availability, portability, cost of digital products and potential revenue share with partners. DRM is the major issue here. Nothing said beyond that the files would work across many devices. Hum…what that mean?

A stronger statement of course, would have been for PlayStation to come out and state what type of “open” standards it was supporting for DRM. It would give us fans a feeling of reassurance (or resignation).

I suspect that I will not be able to use the files I purchased from Sony on my Treo, Blackberry, iPod, SanDisk MP3, Creative MP3 or Garmin GPS system. But perhaps I’m just a glass half-empty gal? Please prove me wrong Sony!


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