Rumors, rumors, rumors

August 30, 2007

It’s my week to spread and confirm/deny rumors.

First, I just have to tell you that I saw a little tidbit on Gizmodo about a rumor buyout that had me taking time from a busy day to post here. Why? Because hello! I’m a technology and mobile geek and I love this kinda thing!

Gizmodo posted today that Microsoft is in the market to purchase RIM (makers of the fab Blackberry curve). Crazy!! Deliciously crazy, interesting and far-fetched? Or is it…..? MS has been delving into the hardware business in the past few years. First with Playstation, creating a product that wasn’t so great in v1, but is now the must have gaming platform. Then, the Zune and Zune market place entry. So what’s so crazy about jumping into the hardware space in mobile, just like rival Apple? A fight between the iPhone and a MS backed RIM Blackberry…priceless and makes my heart race in anticipation.

So on to other rumors.

I’ve not been posting very frequently in the past few weeks. Why? Well rumor swirled in the tech industry had that I was leaving Audible and moving to (1) Hachette (2) WSJ/Dow Jones (3) Time Warner / AOL (4) Google (5) Jaman (6) a wild unknown mobile startup (7) starting my own startup as a CEO (8) Disney

Well, yes, I am leaving Audible and tomorrow is my last day (after giving 1 month notice like all the VPs at this company have done) Yes, I have been spotted in New York City, Los Angeles, Dulles and the San Francisco bay area interviewing at all of the above. And yes, I have received offers from some of the above listed companies. And yes, I have taken a position with one of the above mentioned companies.

Where am I off to? Stay tuned!


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