August 14, 2009

So I was taking a 5 minute Facebook break when I saw that Phil Wiser was back in the CA offices of Sezmi. Worked with Phil when he was at Sony and it looks like he’s heading up one of the cooler digital media startups out there!


Sezmi is a personal TV system. Looks like they have gather a large on-demand library and the system allows for DVR functionalities and for you to also view online content. Now, I don’t have a system here and I’m not sure if they offer it in my neighborhood. So I’ll be looking for it and perhaps there’s a way to test drive it for a review on ODM.

If this company can achieve all that, they have my vote. We have cobbled together a little system here in my home that includes cable and a laptop for Netflix and Hulu viewing. It looks ridiculous and I would still say that it’s not my optimal system. But then, I’ve been kinda cheap and have decided to bypass Sling, Roku and others. Am thinking Netbook rather than a dedicated device for bringing my online viewing content to my HD TV.

How are you bridging that gap? Are you using Roku or Sezmi? Let me know!


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