April 06, 2007

It’s finally here! Podcamp NYC!

For those unfamiliar with Podcamp, it is the “un-conference” anyone interested in technology can gain free access to best practices, wonderful ideas and “wisdom of crowds” by registering and attending. Sessions are given in a less structured format to allow for maximum interaction between those presenting the sessions and individuals attending.

The NYC Podcamp started out with about 500 and has now ballooned to 1000 registered attendees. The event has now moved from the New School to the New Yorker Hotel. There are sessions running all day on a variety of topics.

I will be speaking about podcasting and mobile/wireless. In many ways, it will be a discussion that is really a little broader than just podcasting. The session will be a sort of “beginners” guide to distributing digital content and media for wireless handset and carriers. Many of the ideas will also apply to how people might want to think about how they are distribute digital media and content in the Internet area s well. I hope to keep the actual presentation short and use it as a method to spark conversation among those attending the session. Should be a great deal of fun!

So come see me at Podcamp NYC. I will be hosting a session at 9am EDT in the Chelsea B ball room at the New Yorker Hotel!

If you can’t make the session tomorrow morning, I will post the presentation on this blog next week.

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