Chia-Lin “phone home” and recent geek cravings

October 10, 2008

Those who follow this blog know that I record a weekly (sometimes we fall behind) podcast on digital media call “On Digital Media” or ODM. Recently, I realized how much I missed engaging in geek talking with my friends.

While I still record the show, I now Skype in for the show and dial-in for our live show (October 16, so give us a ring!), I realize that “phoning” in is just not the same. I miss my geek friends. There’s just something different about recording in studio together. To give you a sense of what it’s like to do that, check out how Eric Rochow, a former guest of the show, describes the experience.

This makes me think that despite of being one of the biggest geeks around, I still relish the physical interaction between friends. Technology facilitate communications and helps us “stay in touch”. But really, that’s a little different from that homey feeling of live interaction, animated discussions where maybe just a little wine spills in studio from our frantic gesturing to make our points.

Anyhow, I recently also found a great little device, or up and coming device I’d like to discuss in my next posting and the podcast. Check out Plastic Logic’s technology for an upcoming eReader. I’m going to make it my next gadget…

Let me know what you think and write me a note. I’ll discuss this product more at length in my next posting.

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