iPhone – why I’ll have to wait

July 05, 2007

iPhone. I want to love it. I can even just lust for it based in ID (industrial design) alone. But as an individual who cannot live without her phone and have the dream of living off of one device (hence the nick name 1 Gadget Girl…), I couldn’t switch to iPhone right now. Why?

1. No Outlook sync for email and calendar: No business person with Outlook server in their office could live without this feature.

2. No replacement Battery: I appreciate the slim look without the battery. But this is not just an iPod. I talk. A lot. I surf. A lot. I email. A whole lot. This would mean that a heavy road warrior like me would basically have to charge every 2 hours. User test case on CNET shows that the talk, surf and email time is way less than what has been promised. Normally, I would just get my extra battery out for my Treo. But what would I do with an iPhone…

3. One hand email: I know, I know. But look, I sometimes need to do that while I am writing with my other hand. Also, I’ve built some real speed now typing on a Treo and/or Blackberry. The keyboard doesn’t work well in the iPhone from what I’ve seen.

4. What, you can’t use your tunes as ringtone?: the thing is a big music box. Why can’t I use my songs as ringtones? This is probably coming soon. But come on. This should be a given. I should be able to assign any song on my iPod I want to any person on my address book on the iPhone. That should have been a given.

5. EDGE: Need I say more? Even Steve admits that this may be too slow. I don’t care if it has wi-fi. It’s not enough, I want 3G or EVDO.

6. Only a still camera?: No video capture. This is now standard on some of the dumbest phone. But spending $600 does not get you a phone with only a very basic camera on the phone and no video? (By the way, thanks to my husband Chris and my friend Steve Hatch for pointing out that it does have a camera, just that it takes still pictures)

7. No removable storage: I may want to have more than 8 gigs in the future. I want to watch tons of movies, listen to music and podcasts, view pictures, etc. 8 gigs will not be enough.

8. No voice dialing, pretty basic for many phones.

9. Price: $600 is a lot of money, even in the world of smart phones..

10. Cingular: it’s a good network, but signing up 2 years to access this phone….is there no way to purchase a stand-alone so that I can use it for Verizon, T-Mobile or other carriers?

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