Jaman, how do I love thee?

May 14, 2007

As many of you who follow the blog of my podcast On Digital Media may know, I have recently fallen in love.

I have fallen in love with a service called Jaman.com, which dishes up the long tail of cinema. Finally, for those of us who love independent films and world cinema, we too can download and watch films online, instead of scouring independent movie rental stores in New York City for the latest and greatest from Taiwan, China, or Iran.

Those of you who regularly listen to the podcast knows that I love downloading technology. My live and breath downloadable and portable digital media. I long for the day of complete on demand service, anywhere, anytime that I want it.

The history is of course that I have been in the business of selling and providing downloadable consumer media products since 1996. CNET, Beyond.com, Voquette, Audible, my business has been about making great content available for download to your PC, MP3, GPS, mobile or wireless devices. Movies were the last frontier for me.

Cinemanow, Movielink, StarzVongo, MovieFlix, TotalVid, Apple iTunes, I love them all. But they tend to carry the big Hollywood hits. Which is great when I want to watch those films. But what’s missing from these services is the long tail of movie industry. The independent and foreign films that make up a large percentage of the movie industry.

But now, we have Jaman.com. I’ve been going through the catalog this weekend and I’m excited. My husband and I are looking at which movie to download for this weekend.

Yes, and it’s true what the ODM blog says. I may leave my husband to move to San Mateo (my old haunt) to work for Jaman.com, such is my love and dedication to downloadable media and film. So Gaurav Dhillon and Carlos Montalvo, give me ring! I’ll be the one waiting for the call, while watching a great foreign film.

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