Newspapers, Google and teaching Rupert a lesson

April 08, 2009

I know, I know. I’ve been hibernating and not blogging like I should. Be assured that I’ll be back more regularly as I made a birthday vow this year to do so. But hey, I’ve been busy at work and been chatting up a storm on On Digital Media (ODM). So if you miss me, check me out there too!

What also got me off my butt to blog is that once in a while, a voice rings so true and so loud, that I keep thinking “I hope the big boys out there are listening!”.

Recently, I visited Danny Sullivan’s personal blog. He’s responsible for Search Engine Land (which is an awesome site to visit for any marketeer!). He posted what I could consider a strong tongue lashing for newspapers. He also gave Rupert Murdoch (my old boss at Newscorp!) some search engine tips! ;)

It was one of the best, most brutal and honest analysis of the situation between Google and newspapers that I’ve read in a long time. A lot of us have been saying all this stuff (mainly grumbling to each other, or trying to get our point across to our newspaper friends), but Danny has articulated very succinctly how many of us feel about the situation.

thank you and bravo Danny!


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